The very first time Daphne heard her voice on TV was the biggest thrill she had ever known. It started with Vegas Bachelorette Party on WETV then Bad Girls Club on Oxygen then to everyone’s surprise Daphne’s song “Hair Like This” became a cable TV sensation. Showing up on “Toddlers and Tiaras” on TLC, “Dance Mom’s” on Lifetime, “House of Consignment” on VH1,  “Step up 2” (Trailer), Loreal (hair products) and finally as a coveted Theme Song for WETV’s L.A. Hair. Hearing her voice on these shows and knowing she was a part of the creative process on her first song ever recorded was a quite a thrill for Daphne as she attempted to navigate the uncharted territory of the music business.

Daphne grew up in the San Fernando Valley. She had always been interested in music and arts  as a child. She grew up playing keyboards, the accordion and sang in community events. Years Later,  Daphne’s beauty, charm and voluptuous body caught the eye of Playboy scouts. She was eventually hired to be a Playboy Cyber  Model and hosted numerous events at the Playboy Mansion. Her outgoing style and over the top humor earned her the name Daphee and made her a standout.

Daphee eventually caught the eyes and ears of veteran music producer, D. Salas, after she posted a video of her singing on a social Media site. Salas immediately saw Daphne’s potential and recorded “Hair Like this” after he overheard her singing it. Daphee eventually went on to write songs for MC Magic (Reasons), which went on to receive major radio airplay, she also composed songs for 80’s super group – Tierra (Passionate Storm, Nuestra Ciudad, Give Me A Sign), OG PLayboy (Never Fade Away), Midget Loco (I’m Done) and Numerous others. Bill Walker, president of Thump Records, eventually caught wind of Daphee and her success with “Hair Like this” and was floored by her energy and uniqueness. She was signed to Thump in Late 2013…

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